We smooth out brainstorming sessions.  We curate wild imaginings until they transform into blueprints and goals.  We implement until the dust clears and the lovely new plan comes to life.

We believe in trusting you to know what you want.  We might suggest, inspire, take the burden off a difficult choice – but ultimately we are your champions.  We are going to make real that home you always knew was there for you.


What sets us apart is our dedicated commitment to customer service, regular communication with our clients, the high quality of our work, our rigorous attention to detail, fair pricing, and careful scheduling control.


We take the messy, daunting, overwhelming process of building beautiful new homes and make it simple. Really. Really. Simple.


Where are you going?

A critical element of home building is determining where you want to build. We have lots available for you to choose from in outstanding communities and school districts. Already have a lot you love? That works for us!


How will we get you there?

At Anderson Fine Homes, this is one of the most exciting elements of the process. Working with our experienced architects, we design your home with quality, quantity, and cost in mind.


How much will it cost?

Your goals guide this step of the process as we discuss in detail the costs associated with various aspects of your design. At this point, we fine tune your vision and talk about specifics. It’s starting to seem real now!


Where do I sign?

We do not want you to be anxious when it’s time to sign your contract. That’s why we will not get to this 4th step until you are 100% satisfied.


Can I Watch?

Let the fun begin! As one of the few design and build firms in Lubbock, we take great pride in our designs but we also enjoy watching your house go up almost as much as you do. From its foundation to its finishing touches, your home transforms from imagination to reality.


What do you need to know?

Once your new home is complete, we insure that you know everything there is to know about it and that you are completely satisfied through a new home orientation, audit and review of your home warranty.


Where are my keys?

The most rewarding part of what we do comes on the day we hand you the keys to your beautiful, new Anderson Fine Home. Congratulations!